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Do-It-Yourself Pet Bed

There are so many cute pet beds, but a lot of them cost a significant amount of money. You can make an adorable, attention-grabbing bed for your pet from things that are extremely easy—and affordable—to get!

Whenever you're doing projects for pets, keep safety in mind: no jagged edges or easy drop offs. You want to keep your pet safe, whether that's with the help of an electric pet fence or a beautiful dog bed!

Pet Bed #1: The Suitcase Bed

Those older plastic suitcases can become great pet beds with just a little alteration:

  • Take the top half off.
  • Add feet (use wooden blocks from your local craft store) to level the bed out.
  • Add a pillow in the center.

Depending on the size of the legs, it will be lifted a little off of the ground, so this is going to be better for slightly larger dogs.

Pet Bed #2: The Bed-side Table

If you have a bedside table (or can get one affordably) that has a small nook in the bottom, you can turn that into the perfect sized pet bed for a small dog or cat.

All you have to do is add a cushion that fits inside the nook for your dog to sleep on. It’s a great way to keep your dog in your bedroom without having them in your bed.

Pet Bed #3: Wooden Crate

This one couldn’t be more cost effective, and it all starts with a common wooden crate:

  • Take one side off of the crate (or half of one side).
  • Sand it down to keep your pet from getting any splinters.
  • Paint it or stain it.
  • Find a pillow or soft cushion to go inside.

Your pet will get a bed that looks rustic and charming and is exceptionally comfortable!

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