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Electric Dog Fence Columbus Ohio

Pet Stop fencing system has key features to keep your dog safe

Some of the key features that you need to consider in an Electric Dog Fence are:

Collar Size & Weight

Pet Stop Columbus - Electric Dog Fence UltraLite ReceiverFor smaller pets this can be really important in making them comfortable with the system. Putting a collar that is going to be a burden on the pet is not a good idea. Pet Stop® has the lightest, smallest receiver on the market - the UltraElite Receiver® weighing only  1.3 ounces. A larger receiver, the UltraMax Receiver®, was designed for more determined dogs.

Battery Warning Light

Pet Stop Columbus - Electric Dog Fence Battery Warning LightAs all the collars need batteries to operate, you need to know when to replace them. Being on a regular replacement program is very useful but you never know how long a battery is going to last or how much it is being used. Therefore a battery warning light is essential. The Pet Stop patented Flash Alert® feature will always remind you when your pet’s battery needs replacing

Immune To Temperature Changes

As the temperature changes in Central Ohio vary pretty substantially between summer and winter, this can affect some Electric Dog Fences. All Pet Stop transmitters are designed to ensure the signal field will not change regardless of the temperature outdoors. This is an important feature incorporated in all Pet Stop transmitters that very few of our competitors offer

Type Of Signal

Most electric dog fences use an AM or FM radio wave frequency and operate the same way regardless of the type of signal. Pet Stop features FCC-approved Digital Modulation-or DM-technology. This higher, clearer method has been proven as the most effective way to guard against false activation and interference from other signals. It also allows for a wider array of multiple frequencies, which is an effective way to avoid interference if your neighbor has a similar system - or installs a Pet Stop system after seeing how well we work for you and your pet!

Settings memory and Lightning Protection

If you have a power failure the system needs to be able to remember all the settings when power resumes and also to have protection against lightning. Zapp Alert® is a Pet Stop feature that alerts you if your transmitter is ever damaged by lightning. However, built into every Outdoor Transmitter we make is state of the art lightning protection.

Wire break warning

The Pet Stop electric dog fence has a wire break system that monitors the boundary wire and will sound a warning if there is a break. If a wire does happen to get damaged or broken, you'll be sure to know.

Comfort Contacts®

Pet Stop Columbus - Electric Dog Fence Custom ContactsMost companies feature collars with steel pins or some other type of metal tips to conduct the electric correction pulse. Pet Stop’s receiver collars feature conductive rubber tips. No metal touches your pet’s neck. They’re more comfortable, and so are you.

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