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Cold Weather Safety for Your Dog

As the weather gets colder, you start to pull out your long sleeve shirts, sweaters, boots, and heavy coats. Maybe you get your house ready, do a quick inspection, check your vehicles—but what about your pets? According to the ASPCA, there are steps you can take to keep your dog safer during these cold months:

 1. Never let your dog go in winter weather. If you’re out for a walk, keep your dog on a leash, and if you’re in your yard, make sure your fence or electric dog fence is secure. Dogs can lose scent in snow and ice and get lost.

 2. Clean your dog well when he comes inside. Salt, melting sand, antifreeze—all of these can remain in the snow or road where you and your dog walk and can poison your dog if he tries to lick his paws. Rub your pet’s legs and stomach after being outside.

3. Don’t shave your dog during the winter. Your dog relies on her coat to keep her warm during these cold months. Let her keep her coat until spring—she will be grateful for it! 

4. Don’t leave pets alone in the car. Just as a car can turn into a broiler in the summertime, it can quickly turn into a refrigerator when the temperatures are cold.

5. Feed him more! If your dog is outside a lot and active during cold weather, he’s going to burn through his food faster—increase his food intake, especially protein. It will keep him going and keep his coat nice and strong for warmth.

Your dog is likely an important member of your family, so get your pets ready for the cold months ahead—good food, a healthy coat, a strong leash, and an electric pet fence package are all a great start!—and you will all be a lot happier.

For more information on these tips or for more tips, see the full list at ASPCA.org.

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