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How to Care for Your Pet While Driving

Whether you’re taking a road trip or just going for a quick drive, it’s not uncommon to drive with pets in the car. Some pets even love it! However, there are actually a lot of dangers in a car for a pet, and knowing how to provide for their safety can be extremely important.

You take care of your dog: you provide the right kind of food and shelter, safety through an electric pet fence and supervision, and lots of love. Driving is no different, so here are a few tips to help:

1. A Free Lap. Many pet owners have admitted to letting their pet ride on their lap, but this is extremely dangerous. Not only do you risk your vision being blocked and your reaction time slowed, but also the pet is in the worst area of the care for a wreck.

Keep your pet in the backseat, and instead, offer them pats and hugs when you stop!

2. Buckle Up. Unfortunately, pets being allowed to freely roam through the car is also pretty dangerous. In an accident, they will fly through the air, possibly hitting you with several hundred pounds of force as well as potentially being seriously injured as they’re tossed around.

The good news is, there are safety harnesses that buckle into your regular seat belt and do a great job of keeping your pet safe. For smaller or less cooperative pets, a carrier’s a good choice.

3. Breaks. Long periods of time spent in a vehicle makes anyone antsy, and that includes your pets. If you’re going on a long trip, plan to make stops along the way to give your pet a chance to walk, stretch and go to the bathroom.

Also make sure there’s enough food and water for them to have some when you stop.

Many animals love to ride in the car, and you can help them be safer while they do it!

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