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Is Electric Pet Fence Wire Dangerous to Humans?

584-062414Electric pet fences have high success rates for pet owners who take time to train their pets with correctly selected and installed fences. The training may vary depending on the pet, pet owner and what you are training your pet to do. Most of these electric fences feature a boundary wire that gives an unpleasant mild static correction when crossed by your pet. The pet avoids the correction even though it totally humane, harmless and safe.

Quality fences are typically harmless. They will not harm anyone who walks across them, buy you can get a static correction by holding the pet collar between your fingers while walking across boundary line. You can prevent this by ensuring the fence system has a warning boundary or signal field area that you can adjust easily. The signal field controls the distance between the boundary wires beyond which the collar gives a warning beep.

On the other hand, low quality electric fences are not safe for use by the pet owner and his pet. They pose too many behavioral, physical and legal risks to your dog. Their static correction causes more harm which is typically invisible but reduces the life span. Moreover, some of them can malfunction which can make your pet escape or physically injure the pet owner and the pet when left unsupervised.

Nevertheless, doing a thorough research before will help you get a quality electric pet fence which is safe to use.

Quality fences come with additional benefits that include:

Peace of mind: The fences are made with high technology that makes it easier for them to have additional features for enhanced performance. As a pet owner, you will feel safe and have your pet protected.

Raving fans: The fences are suitable for use by both happy home owners and veterinarian since they are safe.

Flexibility: They are designed with superior technology that makes them adaptable to your system and sit your pet. Some of them feature adjustable receivers and settings which enhance flexibility.

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