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Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

Just like humans, dogs are affected by high temperatures. Dogs can develop heat stroke and exhaustion, and their needs need to be taken into account during hot weather. Keep your dog safe and cool this summer by following these tips:

Use a leash. Just like using a fence or an electric pet fence in your backyard, use a leash whenever you walk your dog. You will both likely spend a lot more time outdoors this summer, so take care to keep your dog safe and sound.

Never leave a pet unattended in a car. The temperature in a car can skyrocket to levels far above what the temperature is outside (because the car traps air like an oven). Even a crack in the window is not enough to keep a pet cool, so if you can’t take your pet with you safely, leave them at home.

Limit exercising and walks to cooler times of the day. In the early morning or in the evening are the best times to walk or play with your dog. This way, they aren’t exposed to the heat of the day.

How to Cool Your Dog

If your dog looks or feels overheated, or is hot and not quite acting right, this is how you can help cool him off:

  • Offer him cool (but not ice cold) water.
  • Get him into the shade quickly.
  • Put wet cloths around his feet and on his head

If he doesn’t get better quickly, take him to the vet as he might be suffering serious heat exhaustion.

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