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Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2012

What breed is your dog? Do you have a favorite? Every year, the American Kennel Club releases a list of the most popular dog breeds based on their registration statistics. The list for 2012 is complete, and while some breeds haven't moved their position much, others are pushing others down in the list. Here are the top 5 dog breeds in 2012:
5th Most Popular: Bulldogs. In 2011, Yorkshire Terrier held this spot, but they were pushed to number 6 this year, swapping position with bulldogs.
4th: Beagles. They slipped down a spot from last year, but beagles still remain one of the most popular breeds and still solidly in the top 5. 
3rd: Golden Retrievers. Moving up a spot this year, golden retrievers remain a popular choice, having been in the top 5 for the past three years.
2nd: German Shepherds. The large and lovable German Shepherd remains in 2nd place for the third year in a row, holding their own and coming in second only to one:
1st: Laborador Retriever. Continuing its reign as most popular, Labrador tops the list yet again. It's hard to resist those eyes!
Did your favorite breed make the list? Which ones are you surprised to see, and which ones make complete sense? You can check out the full top 10 (and some adorable puppy pictures) or compare to last year's online. 
Does popularity affect your choices when you adopt new animals, or do you go with your gut? Purebreeds and mixed dogs alike are in constant need of adoption, so if you're looking for a pet, try a local animal shelter--they might have exactly the dog you're looking for. 

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