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Reasons Why You Always Need To Give Rewards to Your Dog

3293-112013-dsc3673While dog training involves a lot of stuff like pet fence usage or dog leashes, learning how to reward your dog is very important. You need to know when to reward your dog and when not to. You should know that the concept of positive reinforcement not only works for humans, but also works well for animals. The difference is that a human may look further on to find the ulterior motives of the reward, but your dog will look it as a gift and love you for it. Here in this blog, Columbus Pet Fence in Ohio helps youunderstand why you should always give your dog a reward whenever he/she does something great.

It Enables Your Dog to Learn Faster and Easily

If you want your dog to learn faster and respond to particular commands easily, the secret is giving him a reward every time he scores high in his response. By repeating the process, with time, your dog will relate good things with a reward. This will make your dog submissive and willing to do whatever you want him to do.

The Bond between You and Your Dog Strengthens

It is obvious that, even at home, those people who treat dogs with rewards regularly are the people loved by the dogs. Dogs are known to have good memories. Therefore, if you want to become a friend to your dog, reward him.

Promotes Good Behavior

Since giving your dog treats regularly makes him submissive, it is the surest way of teaching your dog good manners without having to hassle with it too much. It provides an opportunity for you to train, associate, and bond with your dog which will in turn create positive behavioral changes. You’ll be in control of your dog.

Dog rewards can come in various ways, ranging from verbal praise, food, or even toys. Just remember one thing. Do not reward your dog excessively. It is obvious that too much of something is poisonous.

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