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Understanding What a Pet Fence Does and Does Not Do

A pet fence refers to an electronic system that is specifically designed to confine a pet within a given locality without the use of physical barriers. It incorporates an electronic collar that sends a warning signal followed by a mild electronic shock to restrain the pet from going beyond a certain point. The stimulus is delivered to the pet in increasing strengths with the intention of training the pet that whenever the warning or shock is relayed, it is meant to turn back.Some pet fence systems consist of a wire that may be buried on the ground that activates the receiver caller through a radio signal whenever the pet crosses the boundary.

What a Pet Fence Can Do

  • Give an unobstructed view – Unlike physical fences, a pet fence is invisible, thereby giving you a clear view of your yard and onto the street.
  • Allows your dogs to move freely – allows your dogs to roam freely within the given area set by the invisible fence, while avoiding the stress high fences blocking their view outside of the yard can create. This gives them freedom to guard around and notice threats that could be approaching from afar.

What Pet Fence Cannot Do

Pet fences cannot prevent other animals from coming in. This is because the fence only works in those pets that have a receiver collar. The pet fence can therefore expose your pet to larger dogs and human invaders.The absence of a warning system makes it impossible for pet fences to restrict entry by humans which may result into pet attacks such as dog bites.If the battery is not working, the pet fence system also loses its effectiveness. It will be unable to restrict the movement of your pet.

With advancement in technology and innovations, pet fences will become more sophisticated, enabling you to do so much without a physical leash and erected fences. And if you are interested in having anelectric pet fence installed then Pet Stop of Columbus, Ohio, would be happy to assist you.

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