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Understanding Why Walking Your Dog is Important

NX dog pointer headprofileWalking is an important part of the activities in a dog’s day, and your dog will testify that for you with his enthusiasm for the same.Dog obedience is promotedwith healthy walks too, especially since the family pet needs to get out like everyone in the household. Pet fences provide a little freedom and also contribute to better behavior. Columbus Pet Fence in Columbus, OH carries fences if you need one. Regardless, walking your beloved pet is not just an activity that he or she enjoys getting involved in, but is also important in various other aspects. The following points will help in understanding why walking your dog is important.

Good for Your Dog’s Health

Walking your dog once or twice a day is important to your dog’s health. Dogs are active animals and they need some form of exercise on a daily basis. A 20-minute walk or a light jog can help him stay healthy and live a longer life.

Stimulates Your Dog Mentally and Physically

Walking provides both mental and physical stimulation for your dog. Exploring the environment by sniffing is a basic instinct for him or her and it exposes them to all kinds of smells, sounds and sights. This makes for a great mental workout for your dog.

Promotes Behavioral Development of Your Dog

Walking everyday also helps in behavioral development of the dog. Your dog will learn social skills when he encounters other dogs or a person during the walk. It is also a good opportunity to practice obedience skills with the dog and to strengthen your bond with him/her. Also, it is believed that dogs who are taken out for regular walks are better behaved then those who aren’t.

Provides a Means for Venting Out Excess Energy

Daily walks also help your dog in venting out the excess energy, especially the more aggressive breeds. Through daily walks, the dog gets exercise in a more constructive manner and helps him develop a positive behavior.

Strengthens the Bond with Your Dog

Dogs crave attention, and the special time you spend with yours means the world to him or her. The attention that you give to your dog during walks and the interaction you do with him helps in strengthening the bond.

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