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What Is The Maximum Area That Can Be Covered By An Invisible Fence?

6300 101413 gs6300Are you wondering about the maximum area that can be covered by an invisible fence? Well, you can use an invisible fence to cover a very large area. The area that you can cover using an invisible fence depends on the type of transmitter that you are going to use. Obviously, if you intend to cover a large area, you will require a higher-powered transmitter. When you intend to cover a small area on the other hand, you are going to need a low power transmitter. Therefore, if you want to know whether a given invisible fence is going to cover the area that you have, start by checking the size of the transmitter.

What you should do before purchasing an invisible fence

Before you go out and buy an invisible fence, determine the size of the area that you want it to cover. You don’t need an extremely large perimeter for your dog. It is always advisable for the dog to be within an area that you can see easily when standing just outside your house. However, if you want a larger perimeter, that is definitely still an option. Make sure you have the exact measurements of the area that you want to cover so  you will be able to buy an invisible fence that will cover it effectively.

Installation tips

If you are going to install the fence yourself, here are some simple tips that you should keep in mind:

  • The transmitter should be put indoors in an area that is dry and protected
  • Install the transmitter away from appliances
  • Round most corners because sharp corners confuse the transmitter.
  • The wire that forms the boundary should be a continuous loop that goes back to the transmitter

However, if you would like the installation done by a professional, call Pet Stop in Columbus for superb knowledge and service.

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