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What's the Best Kind of Pet for Your Personality?

Most people know whether they are a cat person or a dog person, but why limit ourselves to these two mainstream animals? Certainly in this day and age we can branch out to include more unique options, right? The internet is a wealth of information, so if you don't see your personality here look up some animal characteristics and try to find a match. If you're too lazy to, then it's clear. You should get a fish.

Take a glance at these great human/animals pairings!

1. Night Owl/Hedgehog

No, I'm not suggesting you purchase an owl, though now that I think about it that would probably come in very handy during Halloween. Actually, one of the best pets for those of us who shudder in the sun and prefer to live our lives by moonlight is the hedgehog. These adorable nocturnal creatures are a blast to play with and easy to care for, but can get extremely grumpy if you make them stay up all day. They make great companions at night, and are seriously so cute. Watch a video of one getting a bath. You will die giggling.

2. Chatter Box/Bird

For those of you chatter boxes who always feel the need to fill the silence, consider getting a bird! They are a great way to keep your home full of beautiful sounds. I'm not entirely sure how politically correct it is to cage a bird (anyone seen Rio?), but go with your conscience on this one.

3. Peppy/Rabbit

Rabbits are like cats, but better because they hop and aren't grumpy assholes. Did you know you can effectively litter box train a rabbit? I had no idea until I saw a man at a hotel with two giant rabbits; both he claimed never "did their business" outside of the litter box. So if you're peppy and cute consider getting a pet rabbit, they're way better than tiny purse dogs, trust me.

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