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Panamax Lightning Protection Module

Price: $74.18

The Panamax Dog Fence Lightning and Surge Protection Unit is the best shield on the market today for COMPLETE protection of your pet fence system.


  • Protects against ac power surges and lightning - Specifically designed for use with ALL Electronic Pet Containment Systems, with protection for the AC and the Loop.
  • Increased surge current ratings - larger capacity to dissipate surges.
  • Reduced risk of a system failure - Protects the transmitter so it can continue to keep your pet inside his or her designated safety zone.
  • Space-saving design - Low profile unit plugs directly into the wall. The transformer plugs into the side of the unit for better balance & stability. There is an extra convenience outlet, too.
  • Better loop connectors - Easier to attach the loop wires to the unit.
  • Power indicator light - Easy to see and shows power is on and protection is working.

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