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Aside From Pet Training and Containment, is a Raw Diet Safe for Dogs?

4064 101413 gs4064Many dog owners have long since fed their furry friends nothing but store-bought, processed dog food. This is because many of them believe this is what’s healthiest for their dogs; however, there is another, and perhaps better alternative to overly-processed dog food and it’s based on a diet which dogs ate prior to being domesticated. This diet is referred to as BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and is comprised of muscle meat, bones—ground and whole—organ meats, such as livers and kidneys, raw eggs, vegetables, and fresh dairy, such as milk. The question any dog owner should ask before deciding on a BARF, or raw diet is: Aside from pet training and containment, is a raw diet safe for dogs? The answer is yes! Here are some reasons you may want to consider a raw diet for your dog.

Shinier Coats

Raw foods contain a high amount of nutrients that are essential for maintaining your dog’s shiny coat. According to many people who feed their dogs a raw diet, they noticed that their dogs coats were significantly shinier once they stopped buying processed dog food and feeding them natural, raw foods.

Healthier Skin

The same nutrients that are responsible for keeping your dog’s coat shiny are also known to enhance the health of your dog’s skin. As is the case with most foods, cooking causes a loss of nutrients; raw foods that have not been heated or interfered with in any way provide the highest amounts of nutrients possible. Dogs benefit greatly from eating foods in their raw state and it shows in their skin.

Cleaner Teeth

You may be surprised to know that processed dog food contains different chemicals that can stain your dog’s teeth. These stains can contribute to dental diseases, tooth decay, gum diseases, and further discoloration of the teeth, along with many other health problems. Raw foods are free of chemicals and will not wreak havoc on your dog’s oral hygiene, leaving their pearly whites a little whiter.

Increased Amount of Energy

Feeding your dog raw foods can significantly increase his energy levels due to the high amount of raw nutrients, including raw proteins and carbohydrates. Dogs who are fed a raw diet also get the added benefit of better tasting food, making them much more excited for meal times. Because their food is so nutrient-packed, they won’t need to eat as much to sustain the same amount of energy or more.

The Verdict

Your pet will not only benefit from a raw diet, but from pet training and containment, as well. Due to increased energy levels and a world of new tastes, your dog will benefit greatly from pet training and some form of containment, such as an electric pet fence. The pet training will teach them to respect boundaries and limitations, obey basic commands, and will make your life so much easier. An electric pet fence like the quality ones offered by Pet Stop of Columbus in Columbus, OH will keep your dog safe and secure in your yard at all times. Because your dog is now eating raw meat rather than meat ground up into dry pebbles, they may experience a change in behavior which can be addressed with pet training and containment.

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