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Are Children Safe Around Electric Pet Fences?

7617 101413 gs7617Before installing an electric pet fence, you may be wondering if it is safe to do so with young children around. The simple answer is—yes! However, there are simple precautions that you might want to consider before installing the fence around children. The benefits of installing an electric pet fence far outweigh any negative aspects. Pet Stop of Columbus in Columbus, OH, has been professionally installing electric pet fences for over 19 years. Their highly-trained, dedicated staff would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Teach Your Children the Boundaries

Just like you need to teach your pets about the boundaries you’ve set with the electric pet fence, it is equally important to teach your children where the fence is located and to know the limits of the yard. This is beneficial not only to keep them from coming in contact with the electric pet fence, but to also teach them to stay in the yard and not to run out into the street or leave without adult supervision.

Turn the Fence Off During Playtime

One easy way to ensure that your children do not come into contact with the electric fence is to turn the power off when your children are playing outside; you could keep your pet inside during this time or on a leash. This is not a necessity but rather for your own peace of mind. The fence will not harm your children, but it will most likely be an unpleasant surprise. Children are incredibly intelligent and intuitive and if they do end up shocking themselves, it is safe to assume that it will not happen again.

The Truth about Electric Pet Fence Safety

Fortunately, you can install an electric pet fence and feel good knowing that it will not harm your children. The truth is, no human will be harmed by simply touching or crossing the fence. Many people who are unfamiliar with these fences believe they will be harmed just by coming into contact with the fence, but unless they are holding the dog collar probes between their fingers while walking across the wire, they will only receive a small shock that will be more unexpected than painful.

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