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Watch Where You Install Your Pet Fence

playing dogs 1013tm pic 955Pet fences are important safety systems that help pet owners keep their pets safely within their yards and away from the dangers of the street. These fences also prevent pets, especially large dogs, from roaming around the neighborhood and posing a potential safety threat to neighbors and pedestrians. However, there are factors that need to be considered before installing pet fences, especially when it comes to deciding the proper placement of the fence. Columbus Pet Fence in Columbus, OH, provides quality fences at affordable prices. Their highly-skilled staff will be able to help you determine the best location before installing your pet fence.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Pet Fences

Some factors to consider when installing pet fences include:

Root zones

Utility lines

Flood areas

Property lines

Public right of way

It is important to take note of where utility lines, such as water and plumbing lines, are buried to avoid accidentally tapping into these lines. This could cause leaks and broken pipes, resulting in hefty repair costs. Flood areas should also be considered before installation since most counties prohibit the building of fences in flood zones. Fences should also be far from root zones on your property, as well as the neighbors’ property, to avoid harming the roots of protected hedges or trees. In some areas, local ordinances prevent trenching around protected trees to avoid harming the root zone, which means erecting a pet fence would likely be prohibited there.

It is also common for someone installing a pet fence to inadvertently veer beyond his property line and trespass into the neighbor's yard without being aware of it. To avoid this, experts recommend installing the fence about 10 feet from the edge of the property line where the property borders the neighbor's yard. Knowing where the public right of way lies is also important. While it is common knowledge that the sidewalk is part of public right of way, only a few know that a portion of this extends to a portion of the homeowner's yard. It is important that you do not install your fence too close to the public right of way or sidewalk to avoid violating local laws or regulations.

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