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Proper Steps for Using a Pet Fence Collar on Your Dog

772 062414If you’re planning on investing in an electric pet fence, it is important to understand the proper use for the collar that keeps your pet within the limits you’ve set. Before using the collar, it is recommended that you take the time to train your pet to identify the boundaries set by the electric fence. Below is a brief overview of how the collar works to keep your pet safe and confined to your yard.

Shock Levels

The collar will give a warning whenever your pet approaches a boundary or “no go” zone. Usually, pets will turn around and go back without hesitation; if your pet does not respond fairly quickly, the collar will give a simple static electricity correction to the underside of your pet’s neck. This is not harmful or painful to your pet; it is very similar to the shock humans receive while doing simple tasks. High quality receivers, like the ones offered by Columbus Pet Fence in Columbus, OH, offers reliable collars that can be programmed to your particular pet. Because the collar is set to your pet, the shock they receive will be humane and appropriate for their age and size.


The collar should be placed on your pet’s neck for a comfortable fit. It is very important to make sure the collar is fitted tightly around your pet’s neck, but not too much which can cause pain and discomfort. You can make sure the collar is not too tight by sliding two fingers under the collar against your dog’s neck. If you find it too tight to do this, the collar needs to be loosened.

Battery life

The collar will have a standard battery; to ensure that the collar is working well, the battery needs to be fully charged before using. If the battery is weak, it will provide a weak shock when your pet reaches the boundaries of the electric fence. It is important to ensure that the collar is charged whenever your pet is using it; it will be very confusing to your pet if there are some days where the signal is weak and they are able to run out of the yard, and other days they are shocked by crossing the limits. Columbus Pet Fence will be able to further assist you with your electric pet fence needs. 

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