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Chickens Becoming Common Pets

When you think about pets, you probably think of cats and dogs safely housed in your backyard with a security or electric pet fence. However, chickens are becoming almost as common backyard pets!

More and more urban and suburban families are buying chickens for their backyard in order to have fresh eggs. When hens get older and stop laying eggs, there are only a few options for urban egg farmers.

After the Eggs

Since the idea of turning your own chicken into dinner is a little too much for most owners, many go one of two routes: trade to a farmer or make their chicken a family pet. While giving the chicken to a farmer is a great option, especially if you aren’t able to care for another pet, the latter is becoming extremely common.

Even veterinarians are seeing more and more visits from owners with their hurt or sick chickens, and many owners and animal professionals alike agree that chickens make good pets.

Pet Chickens

Chickens, like other pets, have personalities of their own. Some are quite intelligent, even answering to their own names. Some aren’t as intelligent, but each has a observable personality.

Of course, if you decide to get a chicken, whether for eggs or as a pet, it’s important to consider how you’re going to take care of them. This includes housing, food, and veterinary care.

Many chicken owners are thrilled with their chickens—you might be surprised when you look around your neighborhood and discover there are chickens all over your neighborhood!

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