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Keeping Pets from Damaging Your Gadgets

Whether your puppy enjoys chewing on cords or your cat loves to walk on your computer, pets and gadgets don’t generally work well together--except maybe laser pointers and electric pet fences! How can you get your pets and electronics coexisting safely?

Here are some ways to tackle two of these gadget issues:

Chewy Cords

If you have a puppy who loves to chew, you might quickly find him gnawing on your computer or TV cables—yikes! There are a few ways to handle this problem, one a little more direct than the other:

Make it Harder: One way to get your pets to stop chewing on cords is to make it harder. Put them out of sight where possible and bundle them in cord covers or split wire looms. Your dog will have to work harder to get to the cord and likely will leave it alone, opting for less effort-intensive options!

Make it Unpleasant: If that doesn’t work (and for some, it doesn’t!), you can go back to the tried-and-true deterrent method. For a couple of weeks, put just a little bit of hot sauce or vinegar on your cords. This will make them taste extremely bad, and your pets will train themselves not to mess with the cords anymore.

Fur, Fur, Everywhere

Unfortunately, there’s no magic solution for this problem, it just comes down to maintenance and as much prevention as possible. Here are the best ways to handle an abundance of fur when it comes to your electronics:

  • Vacuum the house—especially the rooms where there are electronics—at least once a week.
  •  Clean your desk and gadgets of any obvious fur once a week.
  • Once a month, take a closer look at your electronics—is there fur in your keyboard or in your computer vents? Use a toothpick and some compressed air to pull the hair out.
  • Brush your pet’s hair frequently to help control shedding.

Pets and gadgets may not naturally belong together, but they can peaceably coexist in your house with the right steps! 

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