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Do Your Disaster Plans Include Your Pets?

Every year, natural disasters hit different areas around the nation. From blizzards to tornadoes, earthquakes to hurricanes, it's an unfortunate truth that everyone needs to have a plan in place for a worst-case scenario.

You take care of your pets every day: you feed them, take them for walks, you have an electric pet fence and collar ID tag to keep them safe. Make sure to include them in your emergency plans, as well!

How to Plan for Your Pet


  • Storms. If it's a serious enough storm that you find yourself in the store buying batteries and water, make sure you grab some pet supplies, too; including extra water and food. If your pet is normally an outside pet, make arrangements to bring them inside.


  • Tornado Preparation. Animals know a storm is coming long before humans do, but they react differently depending on the pet. Some will find a hiding spot, others will stay glued to your heels. If your pet is with you and you can get them into a shelter, interior closet, or bathroom, do. Keep a picture of your pet in your wallet or in an emergency kit in case they run.

  • Evacuation. The best time to plan for an evacuation is long before it's ever necessary, especially if you have a pet. Due to space and health concerns, many emergency centers can't allow pets, so if you can make arrangements to go to a friend or family member's house beforehand, you should. If that's not an option, locate a kennel outside of your area that could take your pet in case of an emergency. Remember to bring everything your pet will need: food, water, toys, medications, an extra leash, and if you have them, vet records.

  • Once you have a plan in place, you can rest easier about your pet's safety during an emergency.

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