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Special Visitors for Sick and Injured Patients

Sometimes, one visitor can cheer up a patient more than anyone else, especially if that visitor is their own pet! Rush University Hospital in Chicago enacted a new policy allowing pets to visit their inpatient owners, the first policy of its kind in the area.

After a lot of consideration and research, hospital officials decided that the pets have a therapeutic benefit to patients. Anyone who has a pet around while they were feeling sick, sad, or even bored can attest to that! Pet therapy has been a staple in many children's hospital rooms, but allowing pets to visit adult patients is more rare.

Requirements for Visitors

If you've ever visited someone in the hospital, you know there are sometimes guidelines you have to follow: visiting hours, clean hands, restrictions on gifts and foods. Animal visitors have their own set of guidelines, as well.

According to the hospital rules, pets must be:

  • Clean.

  • Vaccinated.

  • Approved by the patient's doctor.

The new guideline also specifies cats and dogs, but other allowances can be made on a case-by-case basis and doctor's approval. Certain conditions may require a no-pets rule, and roommates must be considered, as well. If possible, patients who want pet visitors can meet with their pets in a separate room to avoid affecting a roommate.

Several patients have already had their pets visit, and according to Child Life Director Robyn Hart, “[the pets] just bring so much joy to their owners. I can't think of anything better.” Neither can we!

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