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Dog Safety: A Scary Rescue with a Happy Ending

This month, a golden retriever from Columbus, Indiana was saved from the cold waters of an icy lake, emphasizing the need for pet safety. It appears that the owners were not aware that their 7-year-old dog Nala had left and found her way to the lake.

The first step to keeping your pet safe is to keep them close to home: use leashes, electric pet fences, gates, carriers. There are so many great tools to help keep your pet safe, it's a good idea to make use of them!

Nala's Rescue

911 calls came in for a dog stuck in the lake, and Columbus firefighters showed up with ice water rescue suits and crafts. It took 10 minutes to get her out of the icy water, but she was rescued.

The firefighters took her back to a waiting ambulance, where Nala was dried off and warmed up while they contacted her owners. When they arrived, they loaded her up in their car and took her to the vet. Firefighters at the scene believe she will be okay, the best possible result from a winter rescue.

Staying Safe

Those at the scene believe this story is a good reminder to keep your pets safe this winter. Don't leave your pets unattended, and if your pet does end up in cold water or another dangerous predicament, don't try to rescue them yourself. Emergency responders have the equipment and skill to save your animal if possible.

Take a look at gate locks, the condition of your doors and windows and other possible ways of running away, and consider taking a close look at electric pet fence packages. Keep leashes on your pets when out of the house. Your pet is special—keep them safe this winter!

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