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Does Owning a Pet Help with Anxiety or Depression?

Pets are known for helping in many things some of them being anxiety, depression and also stress. Take for instance the physically disabled, say a blind person, they do not see and so they would need someone or something to help them around. If they have someone to do that it is fine but people tend to get tired and bored.

If it’s not a job I don't think they would keep up for long but take a loyal dog that's trained, it will never give up on its owner if anything the more they stay together the more they remain inseparable.

Research has shown that doing as little as a patting a dog may lead to a tension decrease and can make someone feel better. Depression limits people from doing things but when u have a pet such as a dog it can make you want to go take it for a walk and even play with it. This will help reduce the amount of depression on a person.

Pets like dogs sometimes are playful and will even try and wake you up in the morning, which will obviously mean that the dog was hungry and you should prepare its meal, this is increasing responsibility.

Pets also get sick and also need care so the owner will need to take care of it hence setting the owners mind on the dog and creating a sense of care which reduces anxiety and depression. The only problems with pets that can lead to addition of anxiety and depression is their high maintenance, they need food and someone to care for them if not trained. If there is no one to care for the pet they might lead to destruction of household property. You should research before getting a pet and look for the most appropriate one.

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