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Cat Friendly Fencing

Apparently, advanced technology is among the best gifts that the world has so far received. Electrical fencing has gained increased popularity in recent years as one of the methods of fencing. Experts and individuals have effectively made use of electric fencing to improve their home security while others have used it to safeguard their farm animals. However, there is something more; you can use electric fence to prevent your pets from straying away. This is definitely some good news for people who have had problems controlling their pet cats. Now, considering the fact that electricity is involved here, is the use of electric fence a Cat Friendly Fencing?

Electric fencing is obviously the best way of containing your pet cats within the compound. For starters, it is economical and easy to install as well as maintain. It also offers better control compared to the regular barrier fences such as woven wire or barbed wire.

Compared to the barriers, it is less harmful as your cat will not have routine cuts, scrapes or gouges which lead to increased vet bills. Besides the small shock that will stop it from going outside the yard, there is no other harm that can beget your cats.

Electric fences for pets are usually hidden making it more perfect if the rest of the neighborhood has no fences. Your cat will like to play and exercise a little in the yard and you cannot watch it all the time. An electric fence will come in handy as the wire underneath will help keep it at bay. Compared to the regular fences, this cat friendly fencing will save you a lot of maintenance time and costs. In most instances, the only maintenance your cat electric fence will require is replacement of batteries when need be.

What is more, you will not have to constantly worry about an ugly fence doing nothing else but ruining the appearance of your yard. The city zoning laws should not be a problem either because pet fences are usually hidden under the ground.

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