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Can Owning A Pet Help You Live Longer?

Most pet owners will state positive feedback after having pets; it is without a doubt that pets could provide positive feelings.

But nowadays people want concrete answers to questions, some have raised the question Can Owning a pet Help you live longer?

Here is our take regarding this question asked by pet owners and would-be pet owners in the future.

1. Pets provide natural mood enhancers

Science will attest to the fact that watching fishes swim can make people less anxious and stressed the same thing with cats who are allowed to visit the elderly and the sick in the hospitals.

Pets provide calming effects to people; they can alter the mood in the room due to the fact that people can feel the sheer delight in being with them. 

There is no ego involved when you are dealing with pets, people can be themselves when they are around their pets, and there is no need to pretend.

This positive feeling that pets produce lead to the production of serotonin, a chemical that is responsible for reducing the stress in the body, a person who is able to produce sufficient numbers of serotonin will age slower, and the body will experience wear and tear at a much slower rate.

2. Ability to keep blood pressure in Check

Unknown to many, having pets could actually lower blood pressure. Owners who have pets have been noted to have lower levels of cholesterols and triglycerides when compared to those who do not have pets. 

3. Owning cats and dogs is proven to be good for the heart

According to 20 years of study, there are long term benefits of owning a cat. People who have never owned a cat had 40% more chance of dying from heart attaches than who had one. Individuals who had dogs also had a longer survival rate from heart attack as well as heart failure.

These findings are mostly due to the fact that there are lesser instances where the person is stressed, pets provide much needed company, and reasons to move and enjoy the day as opposed to people who live alone or have no pets.

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