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Preventing Dogs from Entering Your Yard

Dogs are a man’s best friend we all agree with that. But who wants stray dogs coming into their yard pooping all over and leaving their yards looking all messed up? I am sure no one. Stray dogs coming into your yard not only mess the place up they are a threat to your children and your pets as well. This is the reason why you should keep them off your yard. Below are very simple and affordable ways of keeping dogs out of your yard.

Remove any item that could be encouraging dogs to visit your yard. Items such as food for pets which is left uncovered and even trash that is not covered .These items should be removed or covered .In case you have small animals like rabbits or guinea pigs ensure they are locked up at all times and when they are not keep an eye on them.

You might as well consider distributing animal repellant around your yard. Animal repellants like cayenne pepper or even commercial preparations.

A motion sensitive sprinkler that goes off whenever something the size of a dog walks past would work perfectly as well. You can have one installed in your yard. This works by startling the dog and it will definitely go elsewhere.

If you want dogs to never visit your yard send them sneezing. You can do this using ground black pepper .When they sneeze this pepper they will run off terrified and sneezing and you can be sure they are never coming back.

Dogs hate the smell of vinegar. Spraying the edge of your fence with vinegar will definitely keep them away. After it rains you have to spray all over again.

Very affordable and easy to follow, one will definitely work for you. As you decide which way to keep dogs off your yard, my advice is to go for a way that is most permanent. One that will serve you for a very long time. Choice is yours.

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