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House Training Your New Puppy

House training your new puppy is not rocket science; in fact you can learn how to teach your little ones what you expect of them in your home. However the truth is that most owners who get a brand new puppy tend to think of them as a little person.

While they are a member of your family; you have to teach them how to act like a member of your family. Do not talk to them as though they understand you; the truth is that they will just look at you funny and have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. There is no use arguing with your puppy or even becoming frustrated; they just do not understand this behavior.
One of the great things about puppy training or any type of dog training is that they seem to learn very quickly. Be sure to always correct their bad behavior and give them praise when they do anything that you approve of.

Keep giving them praise for all their good behavior; don’t forget to let them know when they do something wrong and you will realize that this is the key to successful dog training, house training a puppy and even potty train puppy will be the easiest thing you have ever done.

Here are 5 great tips for house training a puppy:

Crate Training: You will discover that one of the easiest ways to implement proper training is to learn about crate training a puppy.

Dog Behavior Problems: It is important that you notice all the dog behavior problems and address them at the first sign.

Accidents: No one likes having accidents in their homes; however with a puppy they are bound to happen. Only use corrective action if you happen to witness them doing it. If you don’t catch them in the act; all you can do is clean up the mess and hope they don’t do it again.

Patience: Potty training a puppy takes time; your child doesn’t learn overnight and neither will your puppy. Some children will pick up toilet training quicker than others and the same goes with your little puppy. Just make sure that you take them outside as often as possible.

Veterinarian: You want to schedule them for their first checkup as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you have a healthy puppy that will be able to do everything that you want them to.

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