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Electric Pet Fences

A lot of people train their pets, especially their dogs, incorrectly. Take this scenario that we have all seen one too many times. A dog runs away from home and its owner shouts at it to come back. Once the dog does return to the home the owner scolds the dog for leaving. This seems like the correct thing to do, but is it? Scold the dog for leaving so that he won’t run away again.

Unfortunately this does not usually give us the result that we want. From the dogs perspective, when he comes back home his owner yells at him, the dog only understands that when it returns it will be scolded. This creates the opposite effect that we want to happen, so how can we encourage our pets to stay around our homes and not run away?

The easiest and safest way is with electric pet fences. A good electric pet fence will give your pet a slight shock, not enough to hurt it but enough to let it know that it has gone too far. This encourages your pets to stay close. Take for instance once again the same situation, your dog runs away leaving your home. Instead of being shouted at to return he hits a point where he runs into an electric fence. The dog decides not to go further and instead returns back to his loving owner that welcomes him with open arms. This is a much better way to teach your dog that you love him, and that he should obey and come back to you.

There are many different types of electric fences that you can buy and install. Some of them have different uses, for instance a wireless electric fence can be easier to set up, and it can be easier to change the allowed distance since you don’t have to move anything. Or in comparison an electric fence that isn’t wireless won’t rely on a wireless connection, meaning it will still be operational even when you don’t have internet access. Make sure you consider your options before you buy an electric fence.

In conclusion an electric pet fence is a great way to train your pets and to keep them safe. If you have had trouble training your pets consider buying an electric fence and watch as they quickly become more obedient. You’ll be glad you made the investment.

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