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Enjoying Road Trips with Your Dog

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to visit family in another state, taking a vacation, going on a family picnic, or simply just taking a cruise. Your family dog loves the great outdoors so you don’t want to forget him or her whenever you can. Part of obedience training involves taking your dog outside and letting them get some exercise. The enjoyment they get from being outside is part of their natural lifestyle. Besides, you would go crazy if you were stuck in the house every day. Your family pet is no different, other than the fact that they are nature’s outdoor-loving animals.

Pet Beds and Water

When going on a road trip, be sure to have the necessary items for your pet’s enjoyment and relaxation. If you have one, place his or her pet bed in the vehicle so your dog will feel more at home. Be sure to have plenty of water handy, in case you need to make an emergency stop for your pet and there is no source of safe water.

Food and Treats

Besides a pet bed, be sure to have your dog’s favorite chew toys, food, and a handful of treats. You may also want to bring some bones for your pet. These can be great stress relieving distractions, as well as pleasurable treats for behaving good.

Behavior Tools

Another thing to consider is having a leash, even if your dog behaves well. You never know what your family pet will do when away from home or around strangers in the middle of nowhere. It also shows that you are in control and act as the pack leader.

A Comfortable Environment

In addition, try to give your pet plenty of room. They need to move around and be able to get comfortable too. It is also best to place him or her in an area with a window that rolls down or opens. They love to smell the air and breathe in the great outdoors. This will help them feel more relaxed on your road trip. However, be sure you don’t open the window enough for them to get out! Even if they won’t try while the vehicle is in motion, they could try when stopped or when something catches their eye like you getting out of the vehicle, a wild animal on the side of the road, another dog walking around, or even some strangers out and about.

Break Times

Lastly, be sure to take regular breaks from driving so your family dog can go potty and avoid those accidental incidents in a cramped vehicle. It will also keep them from getting cramped too!

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