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Fire Safety for Your Pets

From the time you’re a child, you’re taught fire safety: have a plan, check your fire alarms, keep a fire extinguisher, stop, drop, and roll. How often are you given tips to prepare your pet for a fire?

You care a lot about your pets and their safety. Your animals have identification tags, your electric dog fence is in place, and you make sure they have safe food to eat. Fire safety can and should be another part of your animal safety plans.

With that in mind, here are some tips for making sure your animals are ready!

Fire Alarms

Despite the many times the fire department reminds everyone to check their fire alarm batteries, they often get forgotten. The earlier you know about a fire in your house, the more quickly and clearly you can react to it for you, your family, and your pets. Don’t neglect your alarms!

Pet Notice

In a fire emergencies, fire fighters can sometime save an animal’s life if they know there’s a pet who needs to be rescued before the fire gets too dangerous. A smart, simple way to do this is with a window sticker you can get for free from most vets and pet stores that tells first responders how many pets are inside the house at a glance.

Be Ready

If possible, having a pet on a leash or in a carrier during a fire will keep you in control of the situation. The smoke, noise, and heat can spook a pet and cause them to run, so keep leashes, collars, carriers—whatever you need to get out of the door safely with your pet—right next to the place where they sleep.

No one wants to think of the possibilities of a fire or a pet running away, but being prepared through fire preparation and electric dog fence packages can give you more security in your pets safety. 

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