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Two Girls, 1 Million Likes, and a New Puppy

Making news recently: Facebook likes dogs.

Two girls, 12-year-old Cadence and 9-year-old Emerson, missed their dog after it passed away with cancer, and not long after, asked their parents for a new dog.

Ryan and Evie Cordell, the girls’ parents, were hesitant to say yes, but the girls pressed their point, and finally, their dad agreed that if they could get 1 million likes on Facebook, they could get a new dog.

Training your petmay be a skill, but getting the attention of the biggest social media network in the nation is more like art. Their dad may have slightly underestimated the power of an impassioned plea to social media, but the girls didn’t!

That Was Fast

They created a sign asking for Facebook’s help, took a picture, and created a page. By the time they went to bed that night, they already had over 10,000 likes.

By the morning, they were well over a million. It took a mere 13 hours to get 1 million likes. Even more impressive, the last recorded news count had them at over 2.6 million likes—and still counting!

The New Dog Plan

The youngest daughter believes that each million likes should equal a new puppy, but mom and dad are vetoing that idea, but true to their word, Cadence and Emerson’s parents are now looking to adopt a new dog. They believe they’ll find a Labrador or golden retriever from an shelter within a month.

Now, maybe their Facebook friends can help them get an electric dog fence to keep their new dog safe!

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