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How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

NX dog labrador bustYour dog’s incessant barking might be annoying to the neighbors and painful to your eardrums. Dog training is essential in order to keep the peace with those neighbors, to prevent unnecessary harm to others, to prevent scaring others, and even to protect your beloved pet from harm too. He/she may be barking:

  • Out of frustration
  • Due to pent-up energy
  • Due to noises he/she hears
  • Due to loneliness, especially when he/she cannot get his/her way
  • To defend his/her territory
  • Due to excessive confinement
  • Or even to simply just assert his or her dominance.

Tips to Control Persistent Barking

1. Remove the motivation

The first step to quieting your dog’s barking is to find out why he or she is barking. This will help you to know the appropriate action to take. For instance, if the dog is barking at animals or people passing by the window; you can manage the behavior by putting him/her in another room or closing the curtains. The dog should never be given the opportunity to continue the behavior. Your dog will soon get tired of being put away when something interesting is happening.

2. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise

Most high-energy dogs need to burn off the excess energy that is causing them to bark. You can keep your dog happy, healthy, worn-out and calm by taking him to the dog park where he can run and play around to burn the extra energy.

3. Keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained

Most dogs bark from being confined to an area or in other cases, they bark from boredom. Some breeds such as herding breeds require regular mental stimulation. You can purchase toys that challenge your dog mentally or consider teaching him a new trick every week.

Since your dog is a loyal companion, you can also stop the unnecessary or excessive barking by praising and rewarding your dog whenever you are happy with his behavior. Dogs are intelligent animals and their behavior is usually a reflection of how they are treated and trained. Therefore, if your dog receives praises and rewards for good behavior; your dog will be well-mannered and more obedient.

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