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Importance of Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

pointer dog low angle fullIt is important for any pet owner to understand how to properly take care of pets which include some basic grooming procedures, such as: bathing, trimming nails, brushing, and keeping their hair trimmed if necessary based on coat length. Nail trimming is often overlooked or skipped, as it is not a very easy part of the grooming process for most owners. However, keeping your dog’s nails neatly trimmed is very important, and below are a few reasons why:

Increased Bonding

Routine grooming like nail trimming provides great bonding time with your dog. You can make the experience more enjoyable by making sure that your pet becomes accustom to the routine and doesn’t have any negative associations with it. Your dog is likely to adapt to weekly claw trimming easily if you start the process by calming your dog and finish with a treat. This will create a beneficial result for your pet for learning to stay calm during weekly nail trimmings. 

Increased Comfort and Mobility

Failure to trim a dog’s nails regularly may lead to scratching in attempt to shorten their nails. This is because long nails make basic tasks like walking and running more difficult and painful. If you don’t keep your pet’s nails trimmed, they may resort to using various surfaces in your home to scratch, which will then be damaged. 

Better Health

Your dog can develop health problems if the claws grow too long for an extended period of time. Some dogs may become lame for favoring nails when walking, while broken nails can cause cracks and infections. 

Tips for Successful Trimming:

  • Trim one paw at a time if your pet seems too stressed to let you do all of them at one time
  • Be aware of the where you are trimming the nails down to in order to ensure you don’t cut the quick.
  • If you do cut the quick, it is important to have a clotting powder readily available to stop bleeding
Pet owners who are new at trimming the claws of their dogs may find it difficult. And there is always the option to let professional groomers handle the job for you. And if you are looking for a pet fence to keep your furry family member safe, then do not hesitate to contact Pet Stop of Columbus, in Ohio, who would be happy to assist you.

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