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The Importance of Installing Warning Signs for Your Pet Fence Boundaries

6756-101413-gs6756For your pet fence to work well, the underground wire that defines the boundary should be working at all times. If you cut the wires accidentally, then your pet fence will not work well. This makes it necessary for you to put measures in place which will ensure that the wire is not cut or exposed to the surface. Placing warning signs will help to identify where the wires are buried.

Protecting Against Damage and Shocks

By putting up warning signs, you will be ensuring that other people are aware of your underground pet fence wires. Even if the wires will be laid deep underground, there are times when other people will have to dig in your yard. The warning signs will help those that may be digging around your home to be cautious in order to avoid damaging the wires. Also, installing warning signs will ensure that you avoid exposing unsuspecting people to electric shocks if they are digging in or around your yard. After you put up the warnings you should ensure you replace them each time you discover they have been worn out.

And if you need any assistance with your existing electric pet fence, or need a new one installed, then do not hesitate to contact the experts at Pet Stop of Columbus, in Ohio.

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