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Pet Fence Battery Options Deciphered

dogrunningElectric fence batteries are essential for your electric pet fence and pet collar to operate. They provide power for your fencing system at specified levels to suit the specifications of your fence. Electric pet fence batteries come in three main types, which are: battery energizers, solar powered and main batteries:

Battery Energizers 

They are designed for effective pet control in areas where there is no main power supply. They are easily portable, reliable, and relatively small.

Solar-Powered Batteries 

These have solar panels to collect power and charge from the energy of the sun. These are often used by pet owners who want to conserve energy. This is also a great option for those not wanting to worry about changing out batteries as often. However, it may become necessary to change solar batteries when they no longer maintain a charge.

Main Batteries 

They are designed for use with permanent electric fence and are plugged directly into a 240 volts main power source. They feature different levels of supply voltage which you can choose depending on the features that you need as well as the requirements of your phone. They usually have a high level of performance and functionality which is upgradable to help you control and monitor you the fence easily. 

Choosing the Right Pet Fence Battery

There are many factors which are likely to affect the choice of battery apart from functionality and reliability. It is important to choose a battery that delivers the specified power depending on the size the length, type and number of boundary lines. And if you need assistance with your fence and battery choices then do not hesitate to contact the pet fence experts at Pet Stop of Columbus, in Ohio.

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