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Training Your Pet to Recognize the Electric Fence Boundaries

000 0007-7-600-450-80If you are looking to install an electric pet fence, Pet Stop of Columbus, in Ohio, can assist you. The most significant part of installing the electric fence will be training your pet to recognize the boundaries. Below are some tips for training your pet:  

Introduce the Boundaries

To begin, walk your pet to each boundary. Allow them to get to the boundary, so they can recognize the shock they receive when they hit that area. However, DO NOT let your pet go past the border at this point in training, as your dog may realize the shock is only temporary, risking them attempting to bolt past the boundary anyway. Teach your pet to recognize the warning beep, helping to reduce the shocks your pet incurs. Reinforce this by walking your pet on a leash up near the boundary, and when the collar beeps, have your pet stop, and provide a treat.You will want to walk your pet on a leash throughout your yard's border a few times each day until you are comfortable that your pet recognizes the boundaries on their own. The more you practice the more consistent your pet’s behavior will be.

Introducing Off Leash Play

The final measure is working with your pet off-leash. Your pet should still be supervised in this section of the training. Reinforce good boundary recognition frequently during the off leash sessions. If you feel that distractions going on outside of your yard are too much for your pet without the desire to bolt over the boundary, you should put your pet back on the leash. Beginning with brief stints, work your way up to letting the pet to stay in the yard unsupervised. If your pet does cross the border, just call your pet back and reward her for returning when called. This will positively reinforce the boundary training.

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