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Keeping Your Pets Safe In Spring

You've probably been begging Spring to come for a while, and as the temperatures start to warm up, it will be a relief from the winter. Just like any other season, though; Spring comes with its own dangers for your pets, too. The ASPCA has a full list, but here are a few important ones to note:

Running Away. The more beautiful the weather, the more likely you and your pets are going to spend time outside. It's important to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe. If they're going to be playing in the backyard, you can use an electric pet fence, and if you're going on walks, make sure you use a reliable leash so that you both can have a great, safe time!

Easter Chocolate. Chocolate is toxic for pets, yet they always seem to find it if they can. Keep your Easter treats out of reach of your pets to prevent serious illness.

Toxic Flowers. Some plants that start to grow and bloom in spring are actually quite toxic to dogs, cats, or other animals. Two of the most common culprits this time of year are lilies and azaleas, but you can see the full list here.

Window Screens. That fresh air will be calling to your pets just like it calls to you, so make sure if you open a window that it has a sturdy, well-installed screen in place. This will keep your pet from jumping out the window and potentially putting themselves in danger.

Everyone's glad that Spring is coming, especially your pets. Take them out into the nice weather—it will be fun for both of you!

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