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Exercise for Your Pet

Just like humans, pets need exercise to stay healthy, active, and at the proper weight. Unfortunately, many pets are struggling with obesity, so every bit of activity you can get into your day for them will help. Exercise doesn't have to be boring, though—a pet's exercise can be a lot of fun for them and for you!

Running around in the backyard protected by an electric pet fence is a little bit of exercise, but if you're ready to jump in and play some games with your pet that will be fun for you both and a good workout for them, here are a few ideas from National Geographic:

Work for Treats. Dogs (and cats, too!) love their treats, but rather than just giving them one, make them work for it. You can do this by hiding them in plain site around the house or by finding a toy that will dispense a treat once your pet has figured out how to make it work. This way, they get the treat, but they also get the exercise!

Laser Pointers. Pets love to chase laser pointers, and it can be extremely entertaining for everyone else, too! Make sure you get your pet's attention with it first, then keep the light just out of reach. Your pet will chase, paw at, and pounce on the light.

Play Fetch. It's a classic game that a lot of pets love. Show them the toy or the ball, then hide it behind your back. Pretend to throw it and see if they chase or catch you in your ruse. Throw the ball and let them chase it down—it's fun for both of you!

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