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Let’s Go For a Walk: Why Exercise is Important for Your Dog

You let your dogs out in the backyard with the security of your electric dog fence, but are they getting the exercise they need? Many dogs will need more than a romp in the backyard to get the kind of fitness that will keep them from becoming unhealthy, and teaming up with your dog for exercise is good for both of you!

The Importance of Exercise

Just like the humans who live with them, pets are now becoming prone to obesity, as well. About 30% of pets that see veterinarians regularly are obese, and this causes a lot of health problems, including arthritis, back problems, high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes.

Not only does exercise prevent health problems for your pet, it also improves their mood and allows them to focus more for training and discipline, which keeps their minds healthy and makes it easier for both of you to enjoy time together. 

How to Exercise with Your Dog

There are many ways to exercise with your dog, and it doesn’t have to be a formal thing. The easiest way is to snap on a leash and go for a walk or a run, but you can also take them to a park to run around, throw a tennis ball for them to fetch, or practice your Frisbee skills.

If your dog is high-energy, giving them a task is also great exercise for both mind and body. Find a dog vest and let them carry water or toys when you go to the park. For bigger dogs with lots of energy, you can let them run alongside you as you ride your bike or rollerblade, as well.

Most dogs enjoy exercise, and maybe with your pet’s help, you can too! Playing games with your pet will make you both feel great.

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