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Pet Stop Columbus Presents Child-Friendly Breeds

domestic dogs 1113tm pic 1235Before deciding to add another dog to the family, you must first decide what kind of dog you are looking for. Are you looking for a guard dog, a playful dog, or a lap dog? If you have children in the home, your primary concern is most likely finding a child-friendly breed. Pet Stop Columbus presents breeds for parents to consider if they have small children in the home.

Your Dog Should Fit Into Your Lifestyle

First, acknowledge the kind of lifestyle you live. Do you live in a small apartment or is your home built on two acres of land? Do you work often and expect to be out of the home most of the time or do you have enough time to dedicate yourself to playing and exercising with your pet daily? Dogs can easily become hostile if they are placed in an environment that makes them uncomfortable, so it’s best to choose a dog that can already fit in or adapt to your lifestyle. Another thing to consider is allergies: do you need a hairless dog to accommodate family members with allergies? All of these things must be taken into consideration before bring a new dog home. If your only concern is a dog that will get along with your children, here are a few child-friendly breeds for you to consider.

Breeds Suitable for Homes with Small Children

Pet Stop Columbus recommends Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, Collies, and Golden Retrievers as the most suitable for being in a home with small children. These dogs are patient, intelligent, loyal, and caring, making them ideal child-friendly breeds.

It Takes More Than a Good Breed

In addition to choosing a child-friendly breed, all dogs could benefit from at least some level of pet training and containment. It is important to set boundaries and to build a bond with your dog that keeps them happy and safe. No matter what breed you choose, abused animals are not suitable to house with children because of their unpredictable behavior. If you decide to adopt a dog from a shelter, spend as much time as possible with the dog before bringing him or her home. Take note of how the dog interacts with your children at that time, as well as how he or she reacts to the shelter worker’s simple commands and to the other dogs around. The best dogs for children should be patient and should be able to follow simple commands. Pet Stop Columbus in Columbus, OH has been providing electric pet fences for over 19 years and recommends installing one of these invisible fences around your yard to help your pet learn boundaries and to keep them safe and confined within your yard. Their experts also offer pet training after installing the fence to ensure that your dog is aware and responsive to this new installment.

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