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The Importance of Setting Boundaries with an Electric Pet Fence

electrician running plug cord frontDogs—and all other animals—can be impulsive creatures; the sight of a cat, the mailman, or any other random passing thought could send them running out of the front door and right into the street. Dogs and cats that are allowed to roam freely in the yard are at risk of straying and getting lost. Setting boundaries with an electric pet fence is important if you wish to keep your pet safe and contained. If you are unfamiliar with electric pet fences, the concept may sound strange and unusual, but it is extremely beneficial and logical. Below is a brief overview of electric pet fences and the related benefits.

Simple and Effective

Installing an electric pet fence is simple; let the professionals handle it for you. Columbus Pet Stop in Columbus, OH, has over 19 years of experience installing these fences and their dedicated staff will even train your pet to recognize the boundaries set by this new installment. The fence itself is invisible; the wires are shallowly buried and are connected to the receiving collar that is placed on your pet’s neck. The collar beeps when your pet comes in close proximity with the fence and they receive a small correctional shock if they ignore this warning. Most dogs are trained within a week and can easily recognize and avoid the fence even without visual cues. Cats can also be trained and contained using electric pet fences, and in many cases, they are easier to train than dogs.

Beneficial Training

An electric pet fence sets boundaries for your pets and the training that is associated with it will be beneficial in other areas, as well. You can place brightly-colored flags around the fence to give your pet visual cues rather than learning through many unpleasant corrections. This hones your pet’s natural instincts and allows them to behave accordingly on their own. If you have children or invite guests into your home, you want a pet that is able to follow simple commands and respect boundaries and limits. There may also be times when you need to keep your pet outside; you can rest assured that your pet will stay safe and contained in your yard after installing an electric pet fence.

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