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Protect Your Family Dog from the Summer Heat

Your beloved family dog is more than just a companion. He or she is a member of the family, a best friend, a loyal pet, and one that stays by your side. You care for your dog in many ways. You protect him or her from the dangers on the outside by installing a pet fence. You feed him or her every day and ensure that there is plenty of water for them. You even show love and the feelings reciprocate. But what can you do to help them in the summertime with what you do not see, such as their overall health?

The Hidden Desires and Drawbacks

Hidden things that are hard to determine with your beloved pet can include positives like their happiness, the need for attention, and the desire to be petted. However, it can also include negatives like arthritis, muscle pain, tiredness, dehydration, etc. You can occasionally pick up on any needs or problems that they may have, but that can be a challenge to pinpoint.

Some of the hidden desires or drawbacks get covered by the actions that you already do, but what about the others? Do you help their muscle aches, their fatigue, and their hydration? Some things you take action on really do indeed cover that, such as feeding them healthy food and ensuring that they have plenty of water or providing a comfy pet bed for them to rest on. You even take them to the vet when they begin to limp or lack in movement. You basically do a lot. So what else can you do?

Beat the Summer Heat

The summertime heat takes its toll on your beloved pet. Sometimes, you may notice the issue, but it often goes unrecognized. Your dog still shows happiness, the ability to play or move, and even still shows good eating habits. Nevertheless, the underside is dehydrated, weak, tired, or even losing focus. The hot temperatures can lead to heat exhaustion, which can then lead to a huge loss of energy or even a stroke!

It is times like this that you need to find ways to help keep your beloved family member cool and safe. Placing doghouses in mostly shaded areas is a good move for all pet owners. Another is to install pet air conditioners. They mount safely outdoors and push the cool air right into the doghouses. Dr. Marty Becker appeared on Good Morning America and mentioned the ClimateRight™ Mini Air Conditioner in "5 Ways to Keep Pets Cool in Summer." This idea on its own would give them a great place to cool off, as well as relax without uneasiness. It also ensures that their health is being protected from the intense heat of summer.

In summary, cooler temperatures from shaded areas and from the use of a mini air conditioner can prevent strokes and heat stress. They give your beloved pet a comfortable environment to relax in and a place to regain their energy. He or she will be able to spend the whole day outside, just like they always want to do and they will actually have a great way to beat the Summer Heat!

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