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Easy Costume Ideas for Your Dog

5452-101413-gs5452Whether it’s for Halloween, a costume party, or even just for fun, having options for easy pet costumes can come in handy, and below you will find three of the best!

Before you go out on the town with your furry, costumed friend, make sure they still have their collar on, and if you’re staying close to home, make sure the electric dog fence is active. Losing a pet can turn a fun event into a truly scary time—one no one wants to experience.

Keep the fun in the costume parties by watching out for your pet’s safety and trying these neat DIY costume ideas:

Chia Pet

All you need for this costume is a dog sweater, plastic aquarium plants, a hot glue gun, and some soft, stretchy orange fabric (look for a color similar to the color of a Chia pet).

Use the glue gun to attach the aquarium plants to the sweater, completely covering it.

Create leg covers from the orange fabric and slide them on your dog.

Little Loofah

Turn your pet into a bath puff with some tulle, string, hot glue, and a pet sweater that matches the tulle.

Lay out the tulle in strips and create several bunches, tying the middles with string.

Fluff the tulle out around the strings to create that signature puff shape.

Hot glue the puffs to the sweater and fluff to fill out the tulle.

For an extra touch, add a bath toy, rubber duck, or bar of soap to the costume!

Hard Hat Hairy

A white pet shirt, toy tool belt, plastic toy tools, hot glue, and a yellow plastic construction hat (easily found at most toy stores) are all you need to turn your pet into a construction worker!

Hot glue the tools into the tool belt so that they don’t slip out when your dog moves.

Hot glue the tool belt to the shirt.

Slide the shirt on your dog and add the yellow hat for an easy costume!

Remember, whatever you dress your pet as, safety is still first. If you need the peace of mind that comes with an electric pet fence, Pet Stop in Columbus, OH, has you covered.

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