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Winter Pet Safety Tips

4997-101413-gs4997Just like yourself, your family, and your home, your pets have unique needs during the winter months as well. The normal needs still apply: food, water, exercise, and safety through a fence or electric dog fence, but there are a few extra steps that need to be taken during the colder weather.

As you prepare for the winter ahead, here are some tips for keeping your pets safe and healthy:

Stay inside when possible. Like people, pets have differing tolerance levels of cold, and in some cases, overexposure to cold weather can cause animals to suffer discomfort or worse.

As often as possible, keep pets inside when it’s cold, and when they do go out, make sure it’s for a limited amount of time. Monitor for signs of discomfort and keep your pets nice and warm.

Watch out for antifreeze & salt. As the winter creeps in and snow begins to fall, both antifreeze and road salt will be in abundance, and both can be bad for your pets. Road salt is more than just salt, it contains chemicals that can irritate the sensitive skin on your pet’s paws.

Antifreeze can be fatally poisonous to animals, but it tends to attract them. Keep it far out of reach of both children and pets, and if you have any spills, clean them up immediately.

Keep pets close. When the ground is cold a snowy, the scents that many animals rely on to know how to get back home can be difficult to track, and pets can get lost more easily. Make sure your pet has a collar, and if possible, a microchip for tracking.

When walking, keep your dog on a leash, and call Pet Stop in Columbus, OH, to see what you can do about getting an electric dog fence installed to keep your pets safe and close to home.

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