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Small Police Departments “Can't Afford Not to Have Canines”

When canine units started, they were sometimes deemed expensive and unnecessary, more for the community than actual police work. However, that has been proven to be untrue; in fact, many police departments feel that having a canine unit is a definite benefit.

Canines can be trained to:

Locate drugs.

Identify explosives.

Find missing people.

Search for wanted people.

Locate evidence.

Protect their handlers.

That's an extensive list of work canines can do, and generally much faster than a human can, saving precious manhours.

Economical Employees

While it costs about $10,000 per canine, they generally out-work the cost by leaps and bounds. “Using a dog in certain situations is such a time-saver, and that translates into money,” says North Carolina canine officer Chris Poston. “When you have an asset that works that well and gets paid with a rubber ball and dog food, that's pretty economical...”

The truth is, many of the tasks the dogs can handle quickly would take several officers and many hours to complete like finding a fugitive or locating drugs.

Talented Partners

Not only do canine officers become an amazing asset to their associated departments, they also become partners with their handlers and with the department and community. The partnership developed between a canine officer and his human counterpart is as much of a bond as one officer to another. They feel responsible for each other and look out for each other.

Extra fact: Since many of the dogs come from Europe, they often are taught commands in several different languages!

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