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Tips for Traveling with Pets

If you’re sneaking in a last minute vacation before winter or already scheduling your holiday getaway, thinking about how your pets factor into your traveling is an important aspect of your planning.

How do you travel with your pets? If you haven’t done it before, how will you handle it? Here you will find some guidance for taking a pet-friendly vacation!

Call Ahead

As you make your plans, call ahead to your destination to find out how they handle pets. For instance, Yellowstone National Park doesn’t allow pets into the park, and you don’t want to get all the way out there before you find that out!

Don’t be afraid to ask for specifics, especially when it comes to things like airlines and hotels. By learning all the details in advance, you minimize the chance of being surprised by an unpleasant inconvenience along the way.

Get a Check-Up

Before you pack up, take your pet to the vet to make sure they are road ready. A good check up and an A-OK from the doctor goes a long way in making sure your pet will enjoy the trip.

The headache of trying to get a pet treated for an unexpected concern while traveling can often be prevented with a quick check-up before you go.

Plan to Stop

If you are driving with your pet, plan to make some pet-friendly stops. Food, water, an opportunity to go to the bathroom, and a chance to stretch their legs will help a lot in both your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind!

Thankfully, there are more rest areas and hotels that welcome pets than in the past, and if you plan carefully, you can find great places to stop!

When Your Pet Stays Behind

Sometimes, there will be trips that just aren’t suitable for an animal. When this is the case, make sure your pet has a trustworthy caregiver who can watch over them while you’re gone.

If you don’t have anyone who can do that for you, find a trustworthy pet boarding location—one where you know your pet will be safe and happy until you return. Just don’t forget to bring your favorite four-legged friend a souvenir!

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