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Training Your Dog to Go Potty Outside

pointer dog side fullOne of the processes that many pet owners find difficult to undertake is training their dogs on how use the bathroom outside the house. As puppies grow, there is a need to establish a routine that will teach them that they can stay in the house as long as they want, but when it comes to short and long calls, they have to get out of the house and into their potties.

Before you start, remember your pup’s safety: install a fence or an electric dog fence to ensure that your animal stays inside your yard.

Establish a Routine

To succeed in training your dog, build a routine around its natural tendencies which are largely predictable, especially when they are still young. For instance, puppies usually urinate the moment they wake up. This means that you need to be alert and take them out as soon as they are awake.

After meals, the digestive system is stimulated and as such the puppies urinate within 15 minutes after the meals and defecate within 30 minutes following the meal. This may vary with specific dogs, but it gives you a rough idea on how to establish the routine.

Have a Reward System

Whenever your puppy relieves itself outside, reward it in such a manner that the action is linked to the reward system. Being creatures of habit, dogs will easily relate the activity to the reward and will continually abide by the habit and make the outside potty its toilet area.

Pay Close Attention to the Dog’s Behavior

Usually, a dog will exhibit certain signs whenever it wants to relieve itself. The signs may include pacing up and down or just becoming restless. Some of them may also sniff the ground or move in circles. You need to be very attentive to these signs and take your dog outside the moment you notice them.

Be Consistent

Just like any habitual creature, you need to take your dog out to a specific toilet area consistently. Avoid changing the location because this may disorient and confuse your puppy.

The process of potty training a dog can take time depending on the learning curve of the specific dog and the quality of training that you give it. Nevertheless, the process is rewarding and worth the effort.

If you’re worried about your dog’s safety when they use the restroom, you might want to consider talking to Pet Stop serving Columbus, OH, about an electric dog fence for your furry friend.

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