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Cute, Mixed Breed “Designer” Dogs

Some breeders and buyers call them “designer dogs,” others just call them mutts, but either way, it's hard to deny that they are cute and extremely popular. Mother Nature Network has a list of some of the most popular mixed breed puppies and their attributes.

If you're interested in a new puppy, think about everything you will need first. Food, a collar, a leash, a good shelter if they won't be indoors, and an electric dog fence to keep them safely in the yard. Once you're ready, it's time to look for a pet! With that in mind, here are three of the most popular mixed breed puppies:

Labradoodles are Labrador retriever and poodle mixes. These dogs don't shed very much and are well-mannered, making them both great for allergy-sufferers and great for families. The goal in creating this breed was to combine the low-shedding of the poodle with the even temper of a Labrador, and it seems to be a successful breed!

Puggle sounds like a game you would play on your smart phone, but it's actually a pug and beagle mix. Sometimes they come with the more traditional pug nose and other times they have a longer, beagle-like snout. They are usually brown, tan, or black.

Chiweenie is a chihuahua and dachshund mix. You'll know one when you see it by its long body, long ears, and short legs. These dogs are highly energetic but also hypoallergenic, shedding very little. Smaller families and singles will find this dog a welcome addition to the family.

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