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What to Do If Your Pet is Missing

A missing pet can be a heartbreaking, extremely anxious experience for any pet owner, so it's important to know what to do if your pet disappears.

Prevention is the first step—a collar, a leash, and an electric pet fence go a long way in keeping your pet safe. Also, keep a current picture of your pet on hand and make sure their collar information is updated with your current phone number.

If your pet is already missing, there are particular steps you can take to make finding your pet faster and more likely:

Step #1: Contact the local animal shelters. Be ready to describe your pet, and if you can bring in or email a photo, offer to do so. It's possible your pet has already been found and is in a shelter, and if not, giving them a heads up might get their attention if your animal is picked up, getting them home to you sooner!

Step #2: Hit the local area. Hang flyers with photos, enlist friends to help with a search party, and tell everyone you see that your pet is missing and show them a photo. The more people who are aware that your pet is missing, the more likely someone is to find them.

As you look for your pet, remember that frightened animals will often hide, so if there's an area you think your pet is likely to travel, look in all the nooks and crannies there!

The key is to get as many eyes looking for your pet as possible. With all of the animal shelters and everyone in your neighborhood aware, it's less likely that your pet will be able to hide for long!

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