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How To Successfully Train Your Dog When You Install invisible Fences

iStock 000018772472Small---CopyWhen you have a pet dog in your home, he is no doubt a very important part of your life. You have to think about him and do things that will ensure that he is safe on a daily basis. Invisible fencing companies like Pet Stop in Columbus know that you obviously do not want to lock your dog in the house all day. You don’t want him to go wandering far from the house, either. If there is nothing confining him within your premises, he is very like to go out to the neighboring premises or homes. This is something that you don’t want to happen because there are some neighbors who will get irritated. You want to keep your dog safe by ensuring that he is where you can find him easily. This is when an invisible fence come in handy. An invisible fence is a hidden fence that is made of electric wires that are buried in the ground.

To keep your dog from crossing the fence, he will have to wear a collar with a receiver. The collar will beep when he gets close to the fence and will give a mild shock when he attempts to cross it. Your dog should be trained to run away from the boundary. Here are some tips for success with invisible fences so that you can use it effectively to confine your dog:

1. Place small, bright colored fencing on the boundary that has been created by the electric wires. This helps to give the dog a visual clue so that he can avoid the boundary.

2. Train your dog to follow your actions. Go with him towards the boundary and when the collar starts to beep, run away from the boundary and let him follow you.

3. After teaching the dog to run away, remove the flags and repeat the training process again. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until he finally learns to run way when the collar beeps.

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